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Cheshire Wedding Venue; Rylands Recommended Caterers

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

A wedding isn't a wedding without food, right? Whether you want a sit-down meal, canapes or help-yourself vendors, Rylands Farmhouse can cater to the specific needs of your party, wedding or event. Based in Wilmslow in Cheshire, we are in the perfect occasion location, with our twin-hat tipi providing the perfect space for you and your guests to celebrate, dance and dine.

We have our own varied list of trusted, recommended event caterers whom we have worked with time and time again, meaning we're well accustomed to their high-quality offerings and reliable service.

So, let's get into our list of recommended caterers for your Cheshire wedding...

Luke Barnes Event Caterers

No matter how big or small your special occasion may be, LBE Caterers are passionate about working with clients from the very beginning, using years of experience to guide you through each step of the process. All of their menus have been designed by experienced chefs, priding themselves on only serving the best locally sourced ingredients.

With a deep understanding of flavours and a passion for presentation, their extensive background in restaurants means they thrive in creating all ranges of bespoke, imaginative dishes. You can select the menu option that works best for you and suits your style and budget for the day, and can be mixed and matched to suit your theme and feel of your celebration. | | 07889 744036

Ryland Farmhouse Recommended Caterer: Luke Barnes Event Caterers
Luke Barnes Event Caterers

Olive Tree Catering

Olive Tree has fast become established as one of the best across Cheshire in event catering for weddings, corporate events and private dinner parties. The business was started and continues to be run by two experienced Chefs and their team, using the wealth of knowledge and skills they have learnt in over 50 years combined experience working in food businesses across the UK.

Using reputable and local suppliers and their selection of fresh ingredients, Olive Tree's passion for food ensures that they stay ahead of the latest trends in the food industry. You can choose from one of their selected menus, or let them tailor a menu to suit your requirements. Whichever you choose, their style of Cuisine will ensure you and your guests have a truly memorable experience. | | 01928 599992

Ryland Farmhouse Recommended Caterer: Olive Tree Catering
Olive Tree Catering

Follow The Smoke

An artisan catering company that specialises in real family-style dining, Follow The Smoke are passionate about bringing this experience to your special day here at Rylands Their menu options are diverse and delicious, from hearty roast dinners to bountiful tabletops loaded with mouth-watering bites. Or, if you’re looking for something a little lighter, their tapas selections are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

They take pride in offering a personalised service and work with you and us to ensure that every detail is taken care of. From special dietary needs to unique menu requests, they'll make your wedding day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. | | 07415296349

Ryland Farmhouse Recommended Caterer: Follow The Smoke
Follow The Smoke

The Flaming Hog

Specialising in hog roasts and mixed meat roasts for weddings, celebrations and corporate events throughout Cheshire, The Flaming Hog work closely with local farmers and bakers in order to serve you and your guests fresh, seasonal food whilst supporting 'The Best of British'. All of their meat is free range and Cheshire reared, using only the finest produce and ensuring a succulent and superior tasting hog roast every time.

Their wide range of menus provides for all tastes; not just meat lovers, but vegetarians, gluten free and other dietary needs also. With a highly professional and extremely dedicated team, The Flaming Hog ensure your catering is flawless and every guest is thoroughly satisfied with the food and the 5 star service. | | 07597961771

Ryland Farmhouse Recommended Caterer: The Flaming Hog
The Flaming Hog

Woodfire Smoke Pizza

A proud, independent pizzeria based in Cheshire, Woodire are renowned for their authentic wood fired neopolitan pizzas. They use carefully curated ingredients, cooked with selected wood in ovens imported from Italy to create an authentic Pizza experience like nowhere else. The pizzas are perfectly bready, chewy & flavour-filled with a true hint of char, with thick, taste-filled crusts and the infamous leopard spots. Using every bit of experience from some of the best Italian restaurants, combined with trips to Italy to study the best pizzaiolos, they have created the perfect pizza menu. | | 074152963449

Ryland Farmhouse Recommended Caterer: Woodfire Smoke Pizza
Woodfire Smoke Pizza

Graze Away

Graze Away's mission is to help you create lasting memories. Whether you're looking for an intimate gathering, a corporate occasion or a large celebration, they are able to cater to your every need and make your life easier and ever so more delicious. Their graze displays are always beautifully presented, freshly prepared and made with love, whilst also being able to accommodate for any dietary and allergy requirements.

Please note that Graze Away can only cater for under 100 guests & must be booked 6 months in advance of your event. | 07790 321101

Ryland Farmhouse Recommended Caterer: Graze Away
Graze Away

For further details on any of our recommended event caterers, please get in touch with one of our team at

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